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This month's question - Fall 2005

Q: Hey, Greg!

We've been using your CVS hosting service for a couple of years, but we really need the file renaming capability of Subversion.

How do we upgrade to Subversion hosting and preserve our version history at the same time?

A: The first thing you should do is log into the Client Login area of the web site. Next, add "Subversion hosting" to your account from this page and contact us to ask us for a CVS repository conversion.
Then we'll run the cvs2svn script to convert your repository for you.

Cvs2svn is specifically designed to convert an existing CVS repository into a Subversion repository. There are a variety of ways to invoke the script, including:

  • Trunk only (no tags or branches)
  • Pick-and-choose (exclude some tags and/or branches)
  • Full conversion

Depending on which option you choose, you will either preserve your full CVS history or only some portion of it. For your case, you need the "full conversion" option.

After we've converted your CVS repository for you, you can review the new Subversion repository to make sure the results look correct.

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