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Custom hosted applications has a wealth of applications available for installation into its customer's virtual private servers. For instance, certain customers may require a bulletin board application or a wiki that is not yet generally deployed to our clients.

We do support these special application installations, and often use the experience as a way to evaluate possible additions to our offerings.

The installation process proceeds as follows:

  • Client asks for an unsupported application to be installed, possibly (but not necessarily) from the list of FreeBSD ports.
  • evaluates the feasibility of installation based on system requirements, software requirements and estimated level of effort.
  • prepares a quote for the installation project and submits it to the client. The estimated ongoing monthly hosting fee is included in the quote.
  • The client has 1 week to accept or decline the quote. Upon acceptance, the quoted setup fee is charged to the credit card on file.
  • installs the new hosted application into the client's virtual private server, performs initial configuration and enables client access.
  • The client has 1 month to test the application. At the end of the period, the client may elect to continue using the application, and monthly fees begin accruing at that point. The application will be deactivated if the client decides to stop using it after the initial month.

NOTE: provides integration between its user database and databases used by supported hosted applications, where applicable. Client-specific custom applications are not generally integrated with the user database and may require separate configuration of users, privileges and other items.

Weekly maintenance window reserves a weekly 2 hour window to perform routine maintenance, upgrades and service improvements. This window will be used for non-critical maintenance and will not be announced each week.

Service outages may occur during part or all of the window. The window may not be needed each week, and service will continue as normal during those times.

The weekly maintenance window is scheduled for:

Saturdays from 9pm to 11pm, Eastern time (GMT-4)

If the need arises, other maintenance windows for critical needs will be announced via the status page with as much lead time as possible.



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