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July 7, 2008 -, LLC, Partners with Chaperon, LLC, to Provide IP Protection Technology and Secure Virtualized Source Code Containers, LLC, of Hollis, NH, and Chaperon, LLC, of Louisville, CO, today announced a partnership to provide software development lifecycle (SDLC) intellectual property (IP) protection for source code repository products and services.

"Chaperon has built an impressive array of tools and services to protect software IP under development and assist litigation and M&A efforts," said Greg Larkin, founder of "By linking our technologies, and Chaperon have built a first-in-class Secure Vaulted Repository solution for clients who rely on outsourced software development teams, but who insist on the highest level of protection for their source code IP."

The underlying Chaperon Secure IP Vault product protects centralized or distributed digital IP so that it cannot be accessed, copied, viewed, and/or downloaded without express authorization from the owner. The Secure IP Vault allows users to cloak or un-cloak a centralized digital asset and/or secure sensitive information. This technology is now available for source code repositories as a self-contained virtual appliance, enabling deployment on a variety of hardware and operating systems. By using VMwareŽ technology, the Secure Vaulted Repository virtual appliance is easily deployed, moved, duplicated and archived as business conditions dictate.

Chaperon's Secure Inspecting Station and Secure Development Environment can be used to browse, view, and inspect or develop source code IP in a Chaperon Secure Vaulted Repository while making it virtually impossible to copy or pirate. Source code is fully protected during shipment and transport within the secure development environment. Only authorized parties can inspect the code.

" brings a broad knowledge of SDLC, source code control, and virtual appliances to this partnership," said Ashif Dhanani, CEO and President of Chaperon, LLC. "Together, this will give customers that depend on distributed resources for software development access to enhanced levels of IP protection."

Chaperon Secure Vaulted Repositories may be purchased as a service from or as virtual appliances for internal deployment.

About, LLC

Founded in 1999, supplies hosted software development infrastructure applications and professional services to companies with global technical teams.'s hosted application suite is fully-managed and monitored, enabling its clients to focus on their core competency - developing and releasing top-quality software products - without worrying about ongoing system administration issues.

About Chaperon, LLC

Chaperon, LLC offers a unique portfolio of technology solutions that protect and manage source code Intellectual Property (IP) at every stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC) - no matter where it travels or who is working on it. Source code IP is protected from creation and transport to storage and retrieval whether it remains in-house, is outsourced, or sent offshore. Chaperon's patent-pending technologies enable any business to safeguard the information that is vital to its survival and competitive viability while lowering security costs, enjoying the benefits of a flexible workforce, and taking advantage of worldwide labor pools without the risks.

VMware is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc.

Greg Larkin
Founder, LLC
603-821-1412 (voice)
603-386-6037 (fax)

Janet Keeley
Communications Manager
Chaperon, LLC
303-433-1164 (voice)
314-226-8628 (fax)




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