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Greg Larkin is owner/founder of Greg has over 17 years of professional software development experience. He has worked with the Internet and its related technologies as an independent software consultant since 1996.

During his time as a consultant, he developed custom software such as a resume meta-search application, a product catalog content management system, and a secure messaging web site for financial professionals.

Greg holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.

The Story Founded in 1999 by Greg Larkin,, LLC, was the first company to offer an Internet-hosted CVS hosting service. Based in Hollis, NH, grew out of Greg’s own experience working as a member of a 6-person virtual team building a resume search engine application.

A software engineer with years of experience in a variety of industries, Greg knew that an effective version control system was critical to any software team’s ability to reliably deliver products on time. Having experienced the frustrations of developing software without such a system (lost code, rework, missed deadlines, etc.), he also knew it was critical to his own job satisfaction and to a positive team dynamic.

So he set about building a system that would enable him and his team members to collaborate just as they would if they were all sitting within the walls of one company. To ensure that the team would be able to derive immediate value from the new system without jeopardizing its intellectual property, he chose industry-standard CVS, familiar to most developers, and took special pains to ensure system security, including SSL encryption and daily offsite backups of the repository.

Once the system up and running, it became clear to Greg that other teams could also benefit from such a service, and was born. Since then, has enjoyed steady growth providing infrastructure solutions to virtual teams, but it has also become popular with co-located teams whose members simply prefer to spend their time developing products, as opposed to maintaining infrastructure.


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