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This month's question - Summer 2007

Q: Hi Greg,

I'm interested in using your service for my remote development team, but I also need a dedicated server where I can test my code before deploying to the production server. Can you provide one for us? --K.V.

A: Yes, we can easily create a VMware virtual machine for your development and testing efforts. This is the most economical way to provision a server that won't be heavily used. From the outside world, the virtual machine appears just like a standard "hard server".

Our VM specifications include:

  • Hosted on Dell 2950 servers with Intel Xeon processors
  • Up to 2 Gb RAM per VM
  • Persistent disk space allocated to your VM
  • Inclusion in the monitoring pool with configurable alerts
  • Full administrative access
  • Software application installation permitted
  • Your choice of Linux, FreeBSD, or Windows Server 2003 (extra monthly fee applies)

We can build a virtual server to your exact specifications, so contact us today with your requirements. We'll provide a quote to you and all the assistance you need to integrate it into your release process.

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