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Web-enabling Your Repository With WebSVN

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By: Greg Larkin, Managing Member,, LLC
Date: October 17, 2005

WebSVN is a excellent add-on feature for use with your Subversion repository at It builds on the features of the venerable CVSweb and ViewCVS tools and helps you monitor the changes in your repository, compare branches and perform other tasks through a simple browser-based interface.

Your WebSVN application is automatically secured with SSL and authenticated against your user list defined in the client login area of the web site. There's no need to worry that someone else will be able to access your repository. Once you enable WebSVN, you can enter it directly from the client area.

Among its features, some of the most powerful ones that WebSVN offers are:

  • Multiple RSS feeds for monitoring file and directory changes
  • Visual comparison of Subversion tags or branches
  • Log message searching
  • Tar ball downloads

The RSS feed feature is especially nice if you have a desktop RSS aggregator installed, such as SharpReader (Windows OS). You copy the RSS feed link and add it to your aggregator and whenever a file is committed to the repository, you will be automatically notified.

WebSVN is a free feature for clients with Subversion repositories, so enable it and try it out to see if you like it. It will be a useful addition to your software development environment!

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