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Thinking about an in-house solution? It's easy to underestimate the effort and cost to set up and maintain a Subversion or CVS solution that is robust, secure and remotely accessible. So we’ve done the math for you. We think that when you see what it really takes, one of our Hosted Solutions will be the obvious choice.

Alternatively, we recognize that an in-house solution will prove to be the right answer for some of you, and we provide the professional services to help you do that as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

ROI analysis assumptions and requirements:

  • 24x7 server availability
  • 23 developers
  • 560 Mb CVS repository
  • Remote site access requires encryption/VPN
  • Offsite backup support
  • 1 IT support person - salary $80K/year
Fixed costs: Rackmount server with RAID support $2000
  Cisco PIX firewall $750
  OS, CVS, encryption & backup installation/ configuration (40 hours) $1600
Recurring costs: ISP colocation plan $150/month
  Maintenance/support (4 hours/wk) $640/month

DIY Total:   $13830
(first year)
  $9480/year Total:   $3350
(first year)

Money saved
by using
(first year)



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