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Setup Questions and Answers

Q: My team has been using CVS in-house for a while. We still like CVS, but now that we’ve gotten larger, none of us wants to spend our time maintaining the infrastructure to support it. We’d like to go with, but we don’t want to lose our code history or, worse, create a delay in our schedule. Are we out of luck?

A: Transitioning to from an existing repository is easy! Whether you’re replacing your in-house solution or unhappy with your current CVS hosting provider, we can import your CVS repository, history and all, directly into our system and have you up and running with in no time. You won’t lose anything – data OR time – in the transition.

Q: I'd like to use CVS client "X" instead of WinCVS. How do I set it up?

A: In order to set up a CVS client other than WinCVS, as discussed in the Setup page on this Web site, follow these steps:

Q: When my account was set up, I received a ZIP file containing a Win32 version of stunnel, but I am running on platform "X". What should I do?

A: We send a package containing a Win32 version of stunnel by default, but there is no reason why you can't use stunnel on another platform. If you are using a UNIX platform, download the stunnel
source distribution and contact for build instructions. Make sure to save the following files that you received in your ZIP file: client.pem and cacert.pem. These files are still required to access the repository, even if you are running stunnel on a non-Win32 platform.

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