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Q: When I start stunnel from the desktop shortcut I created, I see the message "Enter PEM pass phrase:". What should I do now?

A: Stunnel is prompting you for a password that will allow it to start. You should type in the password that you were given by your repository administrator when the account was created.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have changed the password on your CVS repository account since your account was created, you will not type the new password at the prompt above. You will continue to type the password that was selected when the account was originally created. Because of this, make sure you write your original account password down. If you change your account password, cannot recover your original password.

The password prompt above is related to the digital certificate that was generated when your account was created. The digital certificate is not regenerated every time you or your repository administrator modifies your account information.

Q: What username and password do I use to access the CVS repository?

A: When your repository administrator signed up for the service, he or she also set up user accounts for the repository. Your user account information (obtained from your administrator) is used both to log into special areas on the Web site, such as the
client area, as well as the CVS repository through the CVS client.

Q: When I try to log in to the CVS repository with WinCVS or other CVS client, I see this message: "cvs [login aborted]: connect to localhost:2401 failed: Connection refused". Why?

A: The most likely reason is that stunnel has not been started before you attempted to log in with the CVS client. Stunnel forwards messages from the CVS client on your local machine to the CVS server on the machine. It needs to be running in order for the system to work. Double-click on the stunnel shortcut you created after reading or run
C:\Program Files\stunnel\runstun.bat to start stunnel.

Q: I can log in fine, but when I try to check out a module of files from the CVS repository, I get this message: cvs [checkout aborted]: unrecognized auth response from localhost: cvs [pserver aborted]: descramble: unknown scrambling method

A: Check your CVSROOT variable setting. If there is a space character (' ') at the end of the variable value, that will cause this problem. To fix the problem, simply delete the extra space character.

Q: When I try to access my CVS repository with WinCVS or other CVS client, I see this message: "cvs [login aborted]: recv() from server localhost: Connection reset by peer". Why?

A: The most likely reason is that there is something wrong with the connection through the stunnel program to your CVS repository. If you started stunnel with the desktop shortcut that was created during the installation process, maximize the command window where it was invoked and look at the messages in the window. If any of the messages say "ERROR", cut and paste them into your email program and send them to Stunnel uses digital certificates to verify its connection to the repository and that could be causing a problem.

Q: When I try to access my CVS repository with WinCVS or other CVS client, I see this message: "LOG3[854:900]: remote connect: Unknown error (10061)" in the stunnel log window. Why?

A: Most likely, your Internet connection is routed through a firewall that is blocking outgoing access to TCP port 2402. The stunnel program redirects connections on your local host (TCP port 2401) to (TCP port 2402). If a firewall between your site and is blocking TCP port 2402, the connection will not work. Remedy the situation by opening TCP port 2402 on the firewall for outgoing connections only. There is no need to open TCP port 2402 for incoming connections on the firewall, since does not initiate connections back to the client computers accessing the service.

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