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March 29, 2004 - Adds Bugzilla Bug Database Hosting and Other Features to Service Offerings

Hollis, NH — recently added Bugzilla bug database hosting to its list of available services. Bugzilla is a new à la carte feature that may be added to an existing CVS repository hosted at

Bugzilla support is easily enabled during the subscription process or any time after the account has been created. also make it easy to administer the Bugzilla users by maintaining them through the client area of the Web site.

In addition to Bugzilla, also provides free, browser-based, SSL-encrypted and authenticated access to each client's repository through the use of CVSweb. CVSweb enables project managers to easily view the CVS repository without requiring installation and use of specialized CVS client software, such as WinCVS.

Finally, to support virtual teams and their scheduling needs, now hosts the WebCalendar Web application. WebCalendar enables team members to easily create calendar entries for themselves and others, receive email notifications of upcoming meetings and synchronize to a PalmOS-enabled device. This application is especially useful for teams of developers who have not standardized on a calendaring product and prefer to use a browser-based solution.

Sign Up for a CVS repository and Bugzilla hosting account at today! Complete sales information is available here.

Greg Larkin
PO Box 1013
Hollis, NH 03049
Ph: +1 603 821 1412




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