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September 21, 2007 - Standardizes on FreeBSD® Server Operating System

Hollis, NH — As part of its recent multi-pronged infrastructure upgrade, has chosen to base its service on the FreeBSD 6.2 operating system.

Over the past 3 years, starting with version 4, FreeBSD has proven its reliability and ease of maintainability in the architecture. This has translated into direct benefits to clients who rely on the service to provide them with a highly-available and secure set of hosted software development applications. also leverages the FreeBSD ports system to create an application hosting infrastructure based around virtual private servers installed with pre-packaged tools.

As a measure of its commitment to the FreeBSD platform, donates to the FreeBSD Foundation, a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to the development and popularization of the FreeBSD operating system.

Greg Larkin
PO Box 1013
Hollis, NH 03049
Ph: +1 603 821 1412




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