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April 2, 2007 - Supports Latest Release of Subversion

Hollis, NH —, LLC, a leading provider of hosted development services for software engineering teams, recently upgraded its hosted accounts with Subversion 1.4.3.

Subversion has significant new features in the 1.4.3 release, including:

Feature Benefit

Repository synchronization using svnsync Subversion 1.4 provides the svnsync tool, which enables clients to create a read-only mirror of their repository at their location. The read-only mirror can be used for reference and backup purposes.
Working copy performance improvements Subversion now stores its working copies more efficiently, resulting in less disk space consumption and quicker detection of changed and added files
Binary delta encoding improvements The internal storage format of the Subversion repository is more efficient now, resulting in quicker server operations and increased responsiveness on the client side.

To start a free 2 week evaluation account and take advantage of these new features, click the "Sign Up Now!" button on this page or visit the signup page., LLC, based in Hollis, NH, provides hosting for Subversion, Trac, CVS, Bugzilla, and other collaboration tools that allow Internet workgroups to share data and manage source code changes seamlessly, regardless of where each team member is physically located. With SourceHosting providing the infrastructure, team members are free to focus on what’s most important: building and shipping great products on time.

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