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We know there are a lot of development teams out there who could benefit from our services, and we’d like to work with them. So we’re creating an incentive for you to help us get the word out about’s Hosted Solutions.

We offer a $50 referral bonus to anyone who refers a new client that signs up for Subversion Hosting, CVS Hosting, or Bugzilla Hosting, and stays with us for 3 months or more.

Here’s how it works:

 You know someone who belongs to a project team that would benefit from a Hosted Solution.

Option 1: You contact us & submit the prospective client’s name and contact information via our contact form, OR

Option 2: You tell the prospective client about, and they later submit your name and contact information in the “Referred By” field during the signup process.

 We keep a record of when the client you referred signs up.

 Once the client reaches the 3 month anniversary of their signup date, if their subscription has remained active and up-to-date through that time, we send you a check for $50.

It’s that simple! With that in mind, why not help a friend, and yourself, by recommending


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