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To augment our Hosted Solutions, offers the Add-ons listed here.

Web-based User Interface Do you have team members, such as project managers, QA, and tech writers, who need easy, read-only access to your source code repository? Through the use of WebSVN and CVSWeb, we provide free, browser-based, SSL-encrypted and authenticated access so that these team members can view your repository without having to install client software.

 WebSVN – Free with Subversion Hosting
 CVSWeb – Free with CVS Hosting

WebCalendar Our WebCalendar service supports the scheduling needs of virtual teams. A centrally managed calendar application, WebCalendar enables team members to easily create calendar entries for themselves and others, receive email notifications of upcoming meetings and synchronize to a PalmOS-enabled device. This application is especially useful for teams of developers who have not standardized on a calendaring product and prefer to use a browser-based solution.

WebCalendar can be used with any of our Hosted Solutions: Subversion Hosting, CVS Hosting, Bugzilla Hosting. Click here for purchase information.

Other Add-ons of interest? We are planning to add support for new Add-ons on an ongoing basis. Cast a vote for the ones you'd most like to see.


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