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Suppose you’re a small start-up with 3 developers and you’re just starting to write code. You have plans to significantly grow your company and you decide to go with Subversion Hosting right from the start. Once you pay the $50 setup fee, you will pay $65 per month (= $35 for up to 5 users + $30 for up to 100 Meg of data.)

A year passes, and your company is experiencing some of the growth expected. You add 3 more developers to bring your total number of users to 6, but your repository remains under 100 Meg. Your monthly fee is then $100 (= 2 * [$35 for up to 5 users] + $30 for up to 100 M of data.)

Soon after, you realize your productivity is down because the team has gotten too big to track software bugs by yelling over the wall. You decide it’s time to enable Bugzilla Hosting, which costs an additional $20 per month (= 2 * $10 for up to 5 users.) There is no additional setup fee. Now your total monthly fee is $120 (= $100 for Subversion Hosting + $20 for Bugzilla Hosting.)

With productivity so high, your developers are very prolific and your repository grows to 150 Meg. The monthly fee goes up by $30 due to the increased repository size, and your total amount is $130 per month.


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