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This month's question - Summer 2005

Q: We’ve been satisfied customers of your CVS Hosting service for some time now, and recently noticed that you also offer Bugzilla Hosting. Is there an easy way to activate this service?

A: Absolutely! Using our account management feature, enabling Bugzilla (or any other hosting package or add-on) is extremely easy.

First, click on the "Client Login" button on any page in the web site. You will be presented with a page where you can enter you username and password. Once you do that, click on the link that reads "Update the account hosting packages".

Select the Bugzilla checkbox and click the "Next >>" button. You are done! When you return to your account management area, you'll see a Bugzilla link at the bottom of the page. Follow that link and you're on your way.

Next, be sure to read the Bugzilla quick-start guide in our tech support area for information about how to begin using Bugzilla in the environment.

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