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April 2 , 2007 - Adds Trac Hosting to Service Offerings

Hollis, NH — recently added Trac issue tracking/wiki hosting to its list of available services. Trac is a new à la carte feature that may be added to an existing Subversion repository hosted at

Trac support is easily enabled during the subscription process or any time after the account has been created. makes it easy to administer the Trac installation by providing the Trac WebAdmin plugin. has also deployed the WikiNotification plugin to enable users to monitor changes in the Trac wiki content.

Some of Trac's features include:

Feature Benefit

One application to manage your project By combining a wiki, a ticketing system and Subversion repository integration, Trac puts all of your project data in one place. Features like the Timeline and Roadmap help your team visualize the project status.
RSS feeds Team members can easily see project activity by subscribing to the RSS feeds provided by Trac. You can even create a custom report and subscribe to its RSS feed.
Automatic updating of Trac tickets during Subversion commit Trac provides a hook script that parses the log message of a repository commit and appends it to one or more specified tickets.

To start a free 2 week evaluation account and take advantage of these new features, click the "Sign Up Now!" button on this page or visit the signup page.

Existing clients can easily add Trac hosting to their account by visiting the account management area.

In addition to the new Trac offering, now supports Subversion 1.4.3, the latest version of the popular source code control system.

Sign Up for a Subversion repository and Trac hosting account at today! Complete sales information is available here.

Greg Larkin
PO Box 1013
Hollis, NH 03049
Ph: +1 603 821 1412




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