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Each customer pays an initial one-time setup fee for repository configuration and other administration. After that, each Hosted Solution is priced as a monthly subscription service, charged on the first day of each month for the month prior. Each month, the fee is recalculated based on the average number of users and the average repository size during that prior month.

All services are invoiced via automatic credit card billing to a designated billing contact. For full details, see the usage agreement, section 6.

Hosted Solutions

One-time Setup Fee: $50 per account

Hosted Solution
Monthly Subscription Price
Subversion hosting
$35/month for each 5 users +
$30/month for each block of 100 megabytes
$25/month for each 5 users
CVS hosting
$25/month for each 5 users +
$25/month for each block of 100 megabytes
Bugzilla hosting
$20/month for each 5 users
TestLink Hosting
$100/month +
$20/month for each 5 users

Here's an example. (Curious as to how our prices compare to an in-house solution? Click here.)


Monthly Subscription Price
$10/month for each 5 users

Professional Services

Professional Services are priced on a “per project” basis. Request a quote today or call us for more information.


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